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They keep coming back!

1 Aug

Last weekend The Boss and I dropped our kids off with my parents in upstate New York.  They were in for a week of boating, beach, and goofing off without mom and dad around.  It’s great for them, as they get the freedom of being without their parents, and they get to do all sorts of great activities.  It’s great for us as we get to do adult things and have actual conversations.  Not to mention we can go out and stay out as late as we want (9:30 baby!).

Sadly, they both came back yesterday.  And we’re stuck back into the same old song and dance.  Fighting over the remote, feeding the dogs bits of their dinners, etc.  Oh well, it’s only for 5 days.  Then we all go back up for a week of fun.  This year we’re bringing some friends with us.  And their 4 kids.  What is wrong with us?  Are we crazy to have a house with 14 people and two dogs?  Did I mention that two of the kids are under 3?  Yeah.  The 4 older kids I know we don’t have to worry about.  They’re a piece of cake.  If they get annoying, we can send them across the street to the playground, or drown them, or send them to the beach.  The littles, who knows.  At least they’re not my kids….

Perhaps the best part:  After our week of vacation, the kids are staying for another week and a half.  The Boss may go back to join them, so I’ll have the whole house to myself.  YIPPY!!!!!