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The dogs we’ve had

6 Jun

Over the years, my family has had many dogs.  Most have been Heinz 57 specials from the pound, though a few have been pure breeds.  A few have been oh so very stupid, a couple have been super smart, most were just normal dogs.  There was a period from Junior High School until college, when we didn’t have a dog.  This was mostly due to mom’s horrible allergies (which I have inherited.  Thanks mom!), but also due to us all working at a summer camp where dogs were not allowed during those years.

 The dogs:

 Newman:  Newman was a St. Bernard / Great Dane mix.  Yes, he was HUGE.  I don’t really remember him as he died when I was 2.  I’d love to have another giant like Newman though.  I’ve always been a fan of big dogs.  I just love them.

Salada Tea:  Yes, I did name my dog after a brand of tea, what do you want, I was 3.  Tea was one of the best dogs we ever had.  Tea was a Great Dane, or maybe a Great Dane mix.  She was the gentlest dog ever.  I used to ride on her back when I would get tired during our walks through the orchard.

Bob Dog:  We got Bob from some friends of ours.  Bob was dumb.  D. U. M. B. dumb.  Bob was the muttiest of mutts.  Bob would constantly roam our neighborhood and would gladly come up to anyone for a scratch on the head and a lick to the face.  He was a good dog for us, as most mutts are.  I’m not sure how long we actually had Bob, but it couldn’t have been too long, a few years maybe.  Bob was stolen from us one spring day.  Bob was out roaming (as usual) when a strange truck drove up (according to neighbors).  The driver of said truck opened the passenger side door and said, “Bob.  Here Bob.  Get in the truck boy.”  That was the last we ever heard of or from Bob.

 Curtis:  Curtis was the first pure bred dog (that I’m sure of) we ever had.  Curtis was a Treeing Walker Coonhound.  Curtis came to us from my uncle Bob (no, not the dog).  Curtis was another great dog of ours.  Unlike most hounds, Curtis almost never barked.  He barked about 3 times over the entire time we had him.  He once scared my brother half to death with his bark.  My brother was patting his butt while Curtis ate his food.  Mom warned him to knock it off.  Curtis took care of it all by himself.  Curtis turns his head slowly, stares down my brother, and lets out thisHUGE bark.  I think my bro peed himself.  Just a little bit.  I’m going to have to find the picture of Curtis wearing my brothers little league uniform.  He was a good dog like that.  He really didn’t care what we did to him.  He just took it and was happy to have a home.  Curtis had to be put to sleep after drinking antifreeze which was accidentally left in the garage on the floor.  Curtis is one of the dogs we miss the most.

Sally Beans:  Sally is the first dog my wife and I got together.  Sally is the funniest looking dog.  She is a basset hound / German Shepherd mix.  She looks like a German Shepherd with little legs and slightly longer ears that flop over.  We got Sally from the local pound 7 years ago.  When we saw her, we immediately thought she was a Corgi mix of some sort.  I call Sally our $5 special since that’s what her adoption fee was.  She has been the best dog.  She has all the best qualities of both a basset and a Shepherd.  She will actually herd the kids down the hall, nipping at their heals if they run too fast.  She thinks nothing of jumping up into your lap for cuddle / nappy time.  She is a great watch dog as well.  Sally is now 9 and starting to show her age.  She doesn’t really want to play anymore, and loves to curl up on the couch or in my lap for a nap.

Charlie:  Charlie was the second dog the boss and I acquired.  Charlie was a beagle / basset mix.  We fostered Charlie for a while, fell in love with him, and had to keep him.  When Charlie was found abandoned, he was covered in ticks and fleas.  He had Lyme and who knows what else.  He was a very old man and senile.  He used to go out our back door (4 steps to the ground) and come into the house from the front door (12 steps from the ground).  He would sit in the neighbor’s driveway for hours.  When our neighbor would come home, she would yell out her car window at him.  Charlie would never move.  She would have to get out of the car, pick him up, and set him on the lawn between our houses.  We were told Charlie was about 8.  As it turns out Charlie was at least 13.  One afternoon, the day before Thing 2’s birthday, something about Charlie was off.  I took him to the vet, where they did some tests and took x-rays.  The vet was astonished that he was still alive.  He had stomach and liver cancer.  I took Charlie home to say goodbye to the kids.  Charlie was put down on the boy’s 4th birthday.

 Bailey:  After having such an awesome experience with Charlie, the boss wanted another beagle.  I told her she was nuts.  This is the one time I was actually right.  Bailey has been a constant source of annoyance for me and to certain extent the neighbors.  She is ALL beagle.  She barks, howls, bays, etc.  She is scared of snow, rain (yet loves being out in both), leaves falling, squirrels.  Birds have stopped coming to our feeders because of her barking at them.  She’s lucky she’s cute.  In reality, I do actually like Bailey.  She is a sweet dog who loves the kids and loves to curl up with them in their beds.

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