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Day 1 – Your favorite song

9 Jun

Day 1 is “Your favorite song”.  This is an extremely hard concept for me to grab.  Is it my favorite song today?  My favorite song of all time?  My favorite song of the decade?  What?  Let’s take a look into my ipod for just a second.  If you browse by artist you will find everything from AC/DC to Zox.  If you browse by genre, you will find everything from Acid to World, from classical to hardcore gansta rap.  If I go by what artist(s) have the most songs that would be Guster (268) and Dave Matthews Band (260).  But are they my favorite?  In a given day I will listen to Beethoven one hour, and Dr. Dre’s The Chronic the next.  I’ve installed Pandora both at home and a work.  Pandora uses the Music Genome Project to pick artists or songs similar to an artist, genre, or song you put into your station.  What I usually listen to at work is my Guster station.  Mostly because it’s 90% work friendly and fairly innocuous.  At home, I will listen to anything from the Les Miserables station I created to the Jay-Z station I created.  I will pretty much listen to anything and everything.  Even country and bluegrass (I love me some bluegrass).  I guess I’ve gotten a bit off track with what the purpose of this post is.  I need to pick my favorite song.  It’s just so difficult to do.  There are so many I would consider my favorites.  So let me break it down:  A favorite song should be one that I don’t get sick of hearing.  A song that I will never skip if it comes up on a playlist or on the radio.  A song that has some meaning behind it.  There should be some deep emotional bond with the song, or an event that took place while the song was playing (even if it was only in my head).  Good music should leave a lasting impression upon you.

For those reasons and a whole bunch more my favorite song is:

Gustav Holst’s Second Suite in F.  I first heard this piece when I was a freshman in high school.  Our band director played if for us just before handing us the sheet music so we could learn to play it.  I played this piece 3 times during my high school career.  The first was my freshman year, the second was during a regional gathering of players from different schools and, the third was for a competition we did in Disney World when I was a senior.  I have used this piece to get my kids into classical music.  They love this and many of Holst’s other works.  It is because of this piece that my son (8 years old) wants to play the euphonium like me and my dad did.  The sad thing is, is that at 8 years old, he is already as good a player as I was when I was 11 playing in 5th grade band.  He has a gift when it comes to music.  That is a post for another day, however.

Some may say that this isn’t really a song, rather a composition.  Fine.  Here’s my favorite “traditional” song:

Dispatch is a relatively new band for me.  I have found their lyrics, style, and musical talent to be awesome.  They are my favorite band that I have discovered since college.