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30 day music challenge: Days 4&5

13 Jun

Let’s start with Day 4 – A song that makes you sad, shall we (Why yes, that would be the logical order of things)?  That’s another tough one.  In my post on Day 1, I stated what I thought were the requirements for a favorite song.

“A song that has some meaning behind it.  There should be some deep     emotional bond with the song, or an event that took place while the song was playing (even if it was only in my head).  Good music should leave a lasting impression upon you.”

If I have formed emotional attachments to some songs, it would make sense that there would be at least one that would make me feel sad, wouldn’t it?  After taking the entire weekend to think about it, I believe I have an answer.  Yes.  Yes, there are songs that make me sad.  Take Jackopierce’s song Jacob, for instance:

I have connected with Jacob in the song.  He goes through some very emotional trauma in the song.  I know the ending is very strong and happy, but the beginning and middle are quite sad.  I picture my son calling his grandmother and her saying that his mom doesn’t love me anymore.  That just breaks my heart.

Another song which makes me sad would be Harry Chapin’s Taxi.

You really feel for Harry in this one.  His long lost love comes back into his life and all he gets for reliving the good times they have is a quick “We must get together” and a $20 bill.

On to Day 5 – A song that reminds you of someone.  There are so many songs that remind me of people.  Usually, it is a song that was playing during some event or function we both happened to attend.  It could be as simple as me and so & so driving in the car together.  Should I think of a person first, then a song that reminds me of them?  Or think of a song, and apply it to someone in my life?  Way back when I was working at Camp, I met a guy who would become one of my best friends.  Sadly, I’ve lost track of him over the years, but I know if we were to get together, it would be just like old times.  We sang this song during the Airband competition in 1996.  Every time I hear it, I think of him and the awesome times we had at camp.