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The Real Good Luck Charlie, Chapter 4: The arrival

1 Nov

Finally!  After 41 weeks and 2 days you, Charlie, have decided to be born.  You came kicking and screaming into the world at 2:12AM(!), Saturday, October 26, 2013.  The Boss and I arrived at the hospital Thursday afternoon for a non-stress test.  Well, you failed.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t a bad failure, and I’m sure it will be your last failing test.  You were very sleepy, having been very active the hour previous, so your heart rate wasn’t fluctuating like the Dr’s and nurses would have liked.  So we had to stay.  Thursday night, mom (The Boss) was given some medicine to try to move things along.  Well, guess what?  It didn’t work.  Big surprise.  So on to Pitocin.  After MANY MANY MANY hours (and trips to the bathroom), mom was sort of ready to go.  Before we knew it, it was 2 in the morning, and you were born!

First impressions:  1. WOW, what a head of hair!  2. Doctors lie.  We were told you would be about 7lbs.  Well, you weren’t.  Not even close.  You were 9lbs 5oz.  Not quite the monster your brother was, but close.  3.  You were beautiful.  Even all slimy and gross, you melted my heart.

Your brother and sister came to visit us a few hours later.  They took one look and were as in love with you as we were.

You also had visitors from your aunties, grandparents, and several of mom and dads friends.  By the end of the day, mom and dad were as pooped as you were.

After a good nights sleep (yes you actually were very good that night), we all felt much better.  You even let mom and dad watch Sunday Morning while you lay in your bassinet looking around and not caring about things at all.  Your sister would have never let that happen.  She’s a pain in the butt that way.  Your brother might have, however, as he’s grown up, no way.  Before we knew it, we were going home!  We couldn’t wait to get your settled into our house.  Since we were breaking you out of the joint, we figured you should wear appropriate clothing:

See:  perfect for a jailbreak…

More to come, as we get more settled in, download more pictures, and share you with our friends and family.

As always, Good Luck Charlie.  You’re going to need it.

The Real Good Luck Charlie, Chapter 3: What are we going to do with all this stuff?

24 Sep

So Charlie, we’ve got a few weeks until you’re supposed to show up and we’re drowning in stuff.  Your stuff.  Would you mind cleaning your room?  Please.  We’ve got strollers and swings and clothes and diapers and bedding everywhere.  Two pack-and-play’s, a crib, AND a bassinet.  Why does someone who is estimated to be about 7lbs at birth need all this stuff?  Oh…  Right.  You’re a baby.  That’s how you roll.

So you’ve got a lot of stuff.  Huge thanks to everyone who gave, bought, borrowed, and/or possibly stole all the stuff that we have received for you.  We’ve been given a great start, seeing as we had given away all your siblings stuff when they were no longer babies.  It’s such an odd thing to go from having absolutely nothing to having almost no room to move, and stubbing my toes on all your stuff.  It’s a great feeling, but an odd feeling.

Some Tips:

– Your aunt and uncle bought your all your crib stuff.  Make sure you thank them by being so cute that they get a jump start on this whole baby thing.

– Your grandmother bought you one of your cool strollers (dad basically stole the other one, more on that later).  Make sure you thank her by making her take you on walks with Mr. Parker.

– Your other grandmother bought you tons of clothes.  Make sure you always look cute and don’t throw up, poo, or pee in/on any of them.

– Many of our friends and family bought you all the cool stuff you’ve got.  Make sure you thank them by actually USING it, not just playing with the box.

So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, HURRY UP!  But not until after this weekend.  Mom’s in a wedding.  It would be very rude of you to attempt show up while she is on the middle of the dance floor.  However, seeing as you’re my kid, well….

Good Luck Charlie, you’re going to need it…