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Day 29 and I’m going to cheat: Day 30

8 Jul

Day 29:  A song from your childhood.

There are WAY too many of these!  I’m a child of the 80’s.  We had so much good music!  Never mind that I was forever listening to classic rock with my dad.  What to pick, what to pick….

Ok here goes:  Van Halen’s Jump.  I have loved this song since it’s release in 1984:

Day 30:  Your favorite song from last year.

Crud.  I can’t remember.  However, I do remember about this time of year picking up the new Dave Matthews Band CD.  That’ll do!

here’s a bonus version live from Fenway.  Go Sox!

Day 28: A song that makes you feel guilty

7 Jul

Can a song really make you feel guilty?  Actually, yes.  Yes, it can.

This song is the last on the Harry Chapin’s Greatest Stories Live CD.  While it’s not the last on the album or cassette, it is on the CD most likely due to time constraints of 74 minutes / CD.  Regardless, this song makes me feel guilty.  Here we have a song about a family starving to death, and here I sit on my fat ass with plenty to eat.  I’m not the richest guy in the world, but I always try to help out people in need.  No, I won’t give them money (so don’t ask), but I will buy food for a person who is starving or homeless.  What’s a couple of bucks for a burger, when there are people who need it so much more than I do?  A few years ago I saw a guy standing in the median of a local shopping center with a sign stating that he had lost his job and couldn’t feed his kids.  I was all set to turn around and stop into Wendy’s or even Stop & Shop to get this guy some food for his family.  That is until he pulled out a pack of Marlboro reds and lit up.  Sorry bud.  If you can buy cigarettes, you’re not starving.  Do I feel bad for the guy?  Of course.  Do I feel bad for his family?  Yup.  Am I going to drop a bunch of cash for a guy when he’s able to buy cigs at $6/pack?  Nope.  I’m stupid, I’m not that stupid.

Anywho, on to the song:

Day 27: A song you wish you could play

6 Jul

Simply put:  Anything from Van Halen.  Eddie can really jam.

Days 23, 24, 25, & 26

5 Jul

Whoa boy, I’m getting behind again…  At least I’ll be done with this thing by the end of this week!  Yippy!!!!!

So on to the make-up days:

Day 23:  A song you want to play at your wedding:

So I’m already married, but if I were to do it over again, I’d pick this song, hands down.  Ever since hearing this version at the end of Scrubs (yes, I said the end.  I know there was a 9th season, we’re not going there), I knew that if I ever got re-married (or renewed our vows, whatever), I’d have this song played.

Day 24:  A song you want played at your funeral:

Since I want my funeral to be a happy occasion, celebrating my life, not mourning my death (if you don’t want to be cut out of my will, you’ll celebrate, not mourn.  I will be watching.), I’d probably pick a happier song than this one.  However, since this is the best funeral song I can think of, I’m throwing it up here:

Maybe this is just assuming that I will die with a bunch of others…

Day 25:  A song that makes you laugh.

Got the perfect one for this, if only I could find it…  The song I’d love to put up here is Rick Bedrosian’s (of Hair-of-the-Dog, an irish folk band from Saratoga, NY) I used to work in Chicago.  I can’t find it, but here is a link to the song:  I Used to Work in Chicago

Day 26: A song you can play on an instrument:

There are a lot of songs I can play on an instrument.  The only real question is:  “Can I play them well?”  Well, some I can, some probably not.  This is one of the great things about playing a few instruments:  you can generally play lots of songs.  I play baritone horn, trombone, bass, and a little guitar (I’m learning anyway).  So there are a number of songs I can play.  My favorite is this one:





Day 22: A song to listen to when sad

1 Jul

Snuffaluffagus is easily the saddest muppet in the world.  When I am sad, I like to imitate his, “Oh bird…” sigh.  Somehow it’s fitting.  So, now that you know that tidbit of info, let’s get on to today’s song selection.  So should a sad song collaborate with your mood and maybe let you appreciate your funk?  Or should a sad song lift you up and try to make you happy?  Either way I’ve probably got songs that will fit.

For the former:

I LOVE the harmonies in this song.  I’m such a sucker for a good harmony.

For the latter:

Bonus for collaborating with your sadness:

Day 21: A happy song

30 Jun

A song to listen to while happy.  Huh, shouldn’t be too hard, should it?  Think again.  Once again, I will over-analyze things and take for ever to actually make up my damn mind about what song I want to post.  Does this sound familiar to anyone else?  This challenge has been really challenging.  I’m starting to hate it.  However, I will over come this damn challenge.  I will prevail!  I have to.  My stubborn as a mule dumbass self won’t let me quit.  I guess that’s what it comes down to doesn’t it?  Not quitting something you’ve started.  So onward to a song that I listen to when I am happy.  Question is, when am I happy?  Not when I’m in the shower (yes I have an ipod dock/stereo in the bathroom.  I like music, okay?), because typically I’m showering to head to work, and that’s never a happy moment.  Not when I’m driving to work.  No sir.  Not when I’m at work (see the theme here?).  So when am I happy?  well, when I’m snowmobiling I’m happy.  When I’m out on the boat, I’m happy.  When I’m going to see family and friends I’m happy.  So let’s take a look at what happy songs there are in my driving mix.  My driving mix is a playlist of songs I like to listen to when taking longer trips.  My current driving mix has 215 songs in it.  It’s for LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG drives.  Ah just found the PERFECT song for this:

see, the perfect song.

Days 19 and 20: 30 Day Music Challenge

29 Jun

Yesterday was a bit crazy and I was not able to post (again).  So here are my catch ups from yesterday and today:

Day 19:  A song from your favorite album.

Well crap.  I’m not sure I can think of what my favorite album is.  Favorite “indie” album?  Probably Guster’s Easy Wonderful.  Favorite Rap album?  Dr. Dre’s The Chronic.  Favorite “rock” album?  The Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  Favorite pop album?  Dave Matthews Band’s Listener Supported.  Favorite soundtrack?  It’s a 3-way tie between Wicked, Les Mis, and Avenue Q.  So, in the name of expedience, I’ll just randomly pick one from the above:

I love this song.

Day 20:  A song you listen to while angry

GRRRRR.. I’m so angry!!!!  This is what I listen to!!!!!  GRRRRRRRR  Gotta hit back to my 80’s roots for angry songs.  Today’s music there really isn’t much (that’s worth listening to anyway).

If not that then this:

30 Day Music Challenge

27 Jun

Sorry I haven’t written in a while.  It was a VERY LOOOOOOOONG weekend.  I’ll tell you all about it at some point in time.  Maybe.  If you’re lucky….

Anyway, on to the challenge:

Day 15:  A song that describes you:

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become snarky, pessimistic, and a general tool.  So here’s the perfect song for my jerky self:

Day 16:  A song you used to love, but now hate

I love 80’s music.  Plain and simple.  I grew up listening to Van Halen, Motley Crue, Megadeath, etc.  I love them all.  Except for the power ballads.  I used to love this song, but have grown sick of it, due to my own overplaying it.

Day 17:  A song you hear often on the radio

Ok, this is very difficult for me.  I don’t really listen to the radio.  Sure I listen to Pandora all day at work, and in the morning while getting ready, but I don’t listen to the radio in the car.  This stems from having Sirius for 10 years.  One gets used to not having commercials, or censored music.  I can’t listen to the radio anymore, it just bugs me.  Of course I hate all forms of censorship, but that’s a tale for another day.  So I guess I have to pick a song I hear a lot on Pandora.  Not a problem.   I love this song.  I’m a sucker for jazz clarinet.  I also like the message in this song.

Day 18:  A song you wish you heard on the radio

I’ve got to go back to the 70’s for this one.  It’s a song by one of my favorite artists, who died in 1981.  He had one #1 hit.  Sadly, this is the song of his I like the least.  This song of his, I particularly like on his Greatest Stories Live album (which I have in vinyl, cd, and mp3, yeah I’m awesome like that).  Without further adieu, Mr. Harry Chapin:

Now that I’m all caught up, I hope to not get that far behind again…

Day 14: A song no one expects you to love / I love to sing

22 Jun

Here it is:

Actually, this may be entirely predictable coming from me, but meh, I’ve decided to not put much thought into this one as there probably isn’t a song that no one expects me to love.  Originally, I had decided to put in Valarie as sung by Whats’erface on Glee, but that’s entirely too predictable.  Fact is, I love Glee.  I really wish I had joined my high school’s choir.  I’m not sure why I didn’t.  Maybe I thought I couldn’t sing with the best of them.  Who knows.  It really took a night of hanging out at Melody Lodge one winter to bring out my voice.  We had a standing deal at Melody during the winter:  If we play guitar and sing, we get discounted drinks.  What’s not to love?  So we would sit in their lounge in front of the fireplace, playing all sorts of music and singing (and drinking) for hours on end.

Oh, for the record, Honky Tonk Badonkadonk is a close second….

Day 13: Guilty Pleasure song(s)

21 Jun

Ah the guilty pleasure song(s).  There are so many out there.  I am having trouble picking just one (big surprise, huh?).  Much of what I listen to is guilty pleasure.  For instance, I love Dr. Dre’s The Chronic.  I’m also a huge fan of Hayseed Dixie’s covers of Fat Bottom Girls, Walk this Way, and Highway to Hell.  I love Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby.  Heck, I even like the Crash Test Dummies song Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm.

So we’ve established that I enjoy gansta rap, bluegrass/country covers of rock songs, white boy rappers, and what ever the heck genre the Crash Test Dummies fits into.  There is one song that is my number 1 guilty pleasure song.  This song was released in 1992, which was right around when I got my new (to me) stereo which featured huge speakers and an awesome amplifier/receiver.  When ever my parents weren’t around, I would turn up the tunes so loud my windows would shake.  I could never do this when anyone else was home as my bedroom was above the family room, and you couldn’t hear the TV over my stereo.  So without further adieu, here is my featured Guilty Pleasure song:  Sir Mix aLot’s Baby Got Back.  I’ve chosen an awesome Jonathan Coulton cover that I’ve really grown fond of over the last year or so.