Celebrity Doppelgangers

28 Jul











So yesterday Renee over at Lessons From Teachers and Twits let me onto this cool app that will match up your photo with what celebs you look like.  So of course I had to try it (vain b@stard that I am).  Yesterday I didn’t really like my results.  I had some great ones in there such as Dave Chappelle, and Rebecca Gayheart (see, I am HOTT!).  I also had some nobodies like a 50 year old Turkish singer, and Joey Fatone.  So in order to bring out the real me, I got a hair cut.  I’m much happier with today’s results.  Bruce Willis (who looks a lot like my grandfather), Vin Diesel (I’m buff like him too…  Yeah.  Right.), and for whatever reason Dave Chappelle again.  Do I really look like him, or is it that I look stoned and therefore am associated with him?  Whatever the reason, I’m cool with it.

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