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Today is Thing 2’s birthday!!

30 Jun

Today is Thing 2’s birthday.  He turns 9 today.  9 flippin’ years old.  I remember when he was 2 and the night he graduated to a big-boy bed.  He was always an early riser (still is).  He would usually be awake bouncing in his crib or playing with the couple of toys he had in there.  Well this morning was different.  Bored with playing with his toys, he decided to get undressed.  I mean completely undressed.  Unfortunately, he had also crapped himself.  What is a naked 2 year old to do?  Why let’s finger paint!  That sounds like an awesome idea!  Where did he get finger paint from you ask?  Right from his loaded diaper.  Yeah.  That was TONS of fun to clean up.  The weasel.

3 was a very trying year for us.  He was becoming his own little person and also becoming very annoying.  Thing 2 is the most stubborn person I have ever met (besides myself).  Most 3 year olds start to think about potty training, ABC’s, and maybe reading a little bit.  Not Thing 2.  He has always been one to decide for himself when and where he is going to do things.  He refused to be potty trained until his 4th birthday.  He was told at his party that it was against the law to not be potty trained when you are 4.  “Do I poop on the law?” he asked.  Honestly, how do you respond to that?  “Well son, it’s fine to poop on the law, just don’t be surprised when they haul your sorry ass to jail for doing so.” is not an appropriate response to give a 4 year old.

When he was 5 and entered Kindergarten, he did not like his teacher.  Because of this dislike (which was mutual, btw), he would refuse to recite his ABC’s in front of her.  She thought he was the dumbest kid in the world.  We thought she was the dumbest teacher in the world.  Thank God she only lasted 2 years…  Thing 2 is the luckiest kid in the world.  This year he is given his very own snowmobile.  He learns that going really fast and falling off don’t hurt when you are well padded and have a helmet on.  This ends very quickly.

6 was fun.  We took our first trip to Disney World (with the kids) when he was 6.  It was absolutely amazing to watch his eyes light up when seeing Mickey Mouse for the first time.

7 things just keep getting better.  Thing 2 repeated first grade.  He learned to read, to love science (like his old man, and gramps), and to make new friends.  He tries to kill me on our sea-doo, by trying to make a 90 degree turn while we are doing 50mph.

8, the year we just past was trying.  We had a hard time with his teacher initially.  2nd grade is much harder than first.

Here’s hoping that 9 is a great year!  Happy birthday bud.

Day 21: A happy song

30 Jun

A song to listen to while happy.  Huh, shouldn’t be too hard, should it?  Think again.  Once again, I will over-analyze things and take for ever to actually make up my damn mind about what song I want to post.  Does this sound familiar to anyone else?  This challenge has been really challenging.  I’m starting to hate it.  However, I will over come this damn challenge.  I will prevail!  I have to.  My stubborn as a mule dumbass self won’t let me quit.  I guess that’s what it comes down to doesn’t it?  Not quitting something you’ve started.  So onward to a song that I listen to when I am happy.  Question is, when am I happy?  Not when I’m in the shower (yes I have an ipod dock/stereo in the bathroom.  I like music, okay?), because typically I’m showering to head to work, and that’s never a happy moment.  Not when I’m driving to work.  No sir.  Not when I’m at work (see the theme here?).  So when am I happy?  well, when I’m snowmobiling I’m happy.  When I’m out on the boat, I’m happy.  When I’m going to see family and friends I’m happy.  So let’s take a look at what happy songs there are in my driving mix.  My driving mix is a playlist of songs I like to listen to when taking longer trips.  My current driving mix has 215 songs in it.  It’s for LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG drives.  Ah just found the PERFECT song for this:

see, the perfect song.