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Blog Love

23 Jun

A HUGE thanks to Life’s Little Slices for giving me the Blog Lovin’ Award!  Thank you so much!  I really don’t think I deserve it, but will of course accept it.  Thank you so much!  This comes as a huge surprise to me.  I wasn’t sure people were even reading this silly thing.









Of course these things have requirements.  It’s not like you’re given a gift and you don’t have to give anything in return.  It’s not Christmas people, it’s an award.

So without further adieu:

1.  Thank the person who nominated you

Thanks to Life’s Little Slices!!!!!

2.  Share seven random facts about yourself

  • I pee in the shower.  On a recent trip I took with my dad and brother I peed in every shower in every hotel room we had.
  • I wish I could bring myself to leave the toilet seat up.  I honestly think it would be the funniest thing in the world if Thing 1 fell in because she didn’t look where she was sitting.
  • I love science fiction / fantasy novels.
  • My dad is one of my heroes.
  • I want to be a teacher when I finally grow up.
  • I often pretend not to hear people.  Life is easier this way.
  • I make lunches for Thing 1, Thing 2, and The Boss before they head out to school / work.

3.  Pass the award on to several bloggers you know and maybe even respect (see, I changed this one because I’m rugged and manly and numbers don’t really apply to me).

close enough to several if I do say so myself.
4.  Congratulate those to whom you are giving the award.  See, I used whom, that makes me smart.  The rest of my posts prove that I’m dumb as a post.