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Day 8: A song you know all the words to

16 Jun

I think it’s time to take it back to the old school.  Yes there are modern songs I know all the words to.  Some of them are even clean enough for me to print all the lyrics.  That is beside the point.  I have had a great appreciation of music drilled into me from a young age.  My dad made sure I was brought up right.  I grew up listening to bands such as The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Gordon Lightfoot, etc.  As a result, I know all the words to most of their songs.  It amazes my kids that I know the lyrics to songs recorded 5-20 years before I was born and can sing them.  What amazes me is Thing 2’s ability to hear a song once, and instantly remember who sings it, what the title of the song is, and what the lyrics are.  If he hears a chorus, he is singing along (in perfect pitch of course) by the time it comes around again.  The other day we were driving home from the playground and Kiss’ Calling Dr. Love came up on the playlist.  Thing 2 knew in 4 notes that it was Kiss.  So I had to challenge him.  “What song is it?”  “It’s that Calling Dr. Love song, dad (duh!).”  I can’t stump him.  Guster?  He knows just about all 268 songs of theirs on my ipod.  The Beatles?  Probably his favorite band, next to Kiss (What 8 year old born after 1990 loves Kiss?).

I digress.

My song today is a song from a band that I got hooked on as an early teenager.  My dad bought Pretzel Logic from the dollar bin at a gas station somewhere on the Mass. Pike.  He popped it in the tape deck and we listened to Steely Dan for hours.  I love that whole album.  With songs such as Barrytown, East St. Louis Toodle-Oo, and Charlie Freak, I was fully engrossed.  However, one song sticks out above all others on that album.  Rikki Don’t Lose That Number is my favorite Steely Dan song.  It’s a song I know all the words to.  It is also a song that I’m emotionally connected to which makes it perfect for this list.