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Day 7: A song that reminds you of an event

15 Jun

Oh boy.  Where do I start with this one?  Do I start with the song I heard when I first found out my wife was preggo with Thing 1 (REM’s It’s the End of the World as We Know it)?  Or how about the song Meg and I danced to as our first dance (Garth Brooks’ The Dance)?  Or the song that reminds me of when my son was born (The Who’s Happy Jack)?  Nah, I can’t do anything that sappy.  Who do you think this is?  Yesterday I posted about how the Dukes of Hazzard theme reminds me of all the good times I had on my orange boat the General Lee.  James Taylor’s Fire and Rain just started playing on Pandora.  How perfect is this.  Every time I hear that song it reminds me of one of the best concerts I have ever been to.  While working at Camp, I and a couple of friends got late curfew and were able to head to SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center) to see James Taylor.  We hopped into Boo’s jeep Dixie and made the hour and a half drive from Speculator toSaratoga.  We had lawn “seats” and were open to the elements.  We sat next to this cool older couple who offered to share their wine and cheese.  The guy kept giving me thumbs ups all night because I was sharing a big blanket with two hot chicks.  Sadly, one is basically my sister (no blood relation, but close enough), and the other was one of my friends girlfriends.  It was still cool to have this guy think of me as a player or someone who could score two hot chicks.

So there you have it, a song that reminds me of an event.  I have fulfilled the requirement for day 7.  Meg’s probably going to want to hang me for not picking The Dance, but honestly, I can’t put a Garth Brooks song in my list.  I’m too cool for country (Yeah.  Right, says the guy putting James Taylor on the list).  Initially I was going to stick with REM, but seeing as my world hasn’t ended, and has become awesome having Thing 1 in my world, I can’t really put that.  I may change my mind in another year, however as she is starting middle school in September.  I could have gone with Happy Jack and been completely content with my choice.  However, this would not provide the necessary fodder for negative comments from Meg and probably my mom.