Thoughts that run through my head

24 May

I constantly have thoughts running through my head.  Sometimes I can concentrate on one or two of them, other times I fixate on one and focus on it for hours on end.  Often times this happens when I’m reading a good book.  I get so fixated on the book, the characters, and the story that I start forming pictures of the story in my head.  This is why I believe that when books are turned into movies, I get so disappointed.  They never live up to the expectations I have already created in my head.  Take movies such as the Harry Potter franchise.  I hated every single one of them (with the exception of Deadly Hallows, that one I’m meh about).  They have all fallen short of the books in my mind.  Eragon is another such book that I loved, yet hated the movie.  Of course in the case of Eragon, I believe that most people hated that movie.  It was truly terrible.  The Seeker:  The Dark is Rising based upon Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising is another.  The movie was pretty good, but no where near as good as the book.  Why does Hollywood do this?  Why can’t they make movies that actually co-inside with the thoughts running through my head?  Yes, I realize that this would probably make movies 3+ hours long.  So break them up into two parts.  It’s working for the Harry Potter people.  It may work for the Twilight people.  I wouldn’t know about that, however as I’m not a 12 year old girl.

Anyone else do this sort of thing, or am I the only nut job?  Comment below.

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